Discussions Announcement for Fall 2020

Dear Discussions Readers, 

I am writing to all of you to outline what and how Discussions will tackle publishing during the coronavirus pandemic. First and foremost, I hope that all of you and your families are staying safe during this pandemic, and continue to in the coming days. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Discussions will not have full access to all the publishing technology necessary to construct a fully featured journal. For the upcoming semester, Discussions will continue to accept publication submissions. If accepted, our Editorial Board will work with authors to ensure online publication at the end of the semester, where Discussions staff will compile all the accepted articles for online publication, until this pandemic ends. This also applies for any already accepted publications. As a preview of what is to come, we will publish a recent interview with Dr. Deepak Sarma of the Case Western Reserve University Department of Religious Studies, where he talks about Hinduism, bioethics, and COVID-19. Discussions will continue to accept submissions for online publication, and we encourage you to submit for the fall issue. If any questions remain, please email Discussions at discussionsjournal@gmail.com. Thank you all again for reading this announcement, and I wish you all the best in the upcoming days. 


Zahin Islam 

Editor in Chief, Discussions

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